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All their lives Jordan and Brad, best friends in Toronto, were taught to feel shame about being gay. Then at 32 years old, after a few too many drinks, they had a new thought. Imagine if they were invincible to shame, not just about being gay, but in general. Join them as they spark a revolt against society’s norms. Guests include ex-boyfriends, gay men, and others plagued by messages of shame. Welcome to their unapologetic journey to zero f*cks.

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A goofy sex positive show filled with hot stories, good guests, and don’t shy away from holding back. A hilarious hot mess of a show!

Horny, Happy, and Hole

Absolutely shameless, uncensored, unapologetic, honest, sincere, lovable view of the ups and downs and downright messiness of modern gay life through the lens of two thirty-something sex-positive Canadians. Brad and Jordan are immediately approachable as they put all their cards on the table, leaving out nothing. As you listen to them navigate their way through relationships, casual sex, unrequited love, drinking, drugs, body image, penis envy, stereotypes, therapy, and playing footsie with the occasional guest, you will not only want them to be your friends. You’ll want them to bend toy over and bang your brains out. Sexy and uninhibited, Shame on You dares to go deep. And deeper and deeper until it hits that sweet spot, leaving you satisfied every time. (Read this on the show, guys.)

Honest and uncensored

Really enjoy hearing the stories of the hosts and the guests and how sex positive they are. They really don’t hold back. Most of it is very relatable as a gay man. Some of the guests are more insightful than others, some episodes are a little more serious than others. But overall it’s fun to listen to and some of it is downright hilarious and wild. And yes it’s from the perspective of white, privileged, attractive men but so what? The point of this podcast is not for them to try and be someone they’re not it’s for them to just offer their perspective and talk about their life as they’ve lived it. That’s what I like most about it. It always feels authentic to who Jordan and Brad really are with no filters.

top gay podcast

Where would I be every week without these two? Brutally honest. Downright hilarious. and so so ballsy. I was recommended this podcast and I never miss a week. Cant wait to see a live show. COME 2 SF!!

Jordan Power

Jordan is a publisher writer, comedian and activist whose first novel “My Therapist Sent Me Nudes” comes out late 2020. Jordan is frequently called on by media outlets to comment on LGBTQ+ matters. His solo podcast, “The Therapy Diaries” explores his journey into psychoanalysis with stream of consciousness diary entries recorded immediately after sessions. The first episode comes out January 2020.

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Brad Price

Brad is the co-host of the Shame On You Podcast which has grown from 200 downloads to nearly a million downloads in less than a year. He and Jordan have sold out multiple comedy shows across North America and interviewed a wide range of guests from celebrities to ex-boyfriends and one night stands.

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New York City, April 25th @ The Green Room 42

San Francisco, April 19th @ The Oasis

Los Angeles, April 20th @ Rockwell Table and Stage

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“The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you’ve just told them.”

— Rachel Maddow