8 Gay-Themed Movies to Light Up Your Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner. While other people are really excited about the fun and family time ahead, movie freaks are looking for new titles to enjoy. Well, if you were looking for gay-themed movies for the holidays, your search ends here.
We’ve sourced 8 of the best gay-themed movies. And all of them are unique in their own special way. So, buckle up on your couch and get the popcorn ready because it’s going to be an epic holiday for you.

1. Scrooge & Marley (2012)

Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ has had its fair share of adaptations. This 2012 adaptation of the story has attempted to modernize this epic holiday fun but from a gay perspective. This 91-minute long movie stars David Pevsner and Tim Kazurinsky in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley. It’s a great title with numerous subtle jokes. It’s filled with humor and sarcasm and is able to take you to a joyous ride.

2. Make the Yuletide Gay (2009)

It’s a romantic comedy from the director Rob Williams. The movie itself is 89 minutes long. Albeit short, it’s not short on fun. It’s about a college student who is gay and known at the college, but his parents don’t know he’s gay. He is going home for this Christmas and stays ‘closeted’. Mishaps start to take place when his parents try to set him up with a girl. Moreover, his current boyfriend shows up at the doorstep without any prior notice.

3. C.R.A.Z.Y (2005)

If you’re a man of culture and like to hear classic soundtracks, this might be the perfect holiday movie for you. While this movie is not necessarily themed to feel like Christmas, it portrays an outstanding story of a boy growing up with homophobia. The timeline of the movie is set in 1960s Quebec. It features masterpieces from David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Miss Patsy Cline.

4. Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

An amazing movie to lift your mood. The movie itself is 86 minutes long with a very intriguing storyline. It revolves around an aspiring painter, Trudie. Trudie currently works as a waitress. It’s time to go home for Christmas but she is suddenly dumped by his boyfriend. The story gets interesting with her brother coming out.

5. Home for the Holidays (1995)

A great comedy title from the gorgeous Jodie Foster. The story follows the narrative of a single mom whose family conditions draw the sympathy of the audience. She doesn’t like to go home for the holidays for the chaos and this year she has all the more reason. She has just been fired from her job and worried about her daughter. And her brother turns out to be gay.

6. Too Cool for Christmas (2004)

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to have gay parents? Lindsay Dearborn does, the main protagonist of the film. She thinks she is ‘Too cool for Christmas’ arranged by her gay dads and she wants nothing to do with the party. The whole movies revolve around them.

7. Miss Richfield 1981: Fall on Your Knees Christmas Extravaganza (2005)

It’s more of a camp production rather than being a movie. It might not qualify as a conventional movie but all of the bits are gold. It’s a great watch if you enjoy dark humor and interactions with a live audience.

8. The Family Stone (2005)

The story is set in a fictional town of New England where a family gets together for the holidays. Meredith is a new guest coming to meet the parents of his boyfriend. From here on, the story takes wild turns randomly. There’s an interesting gay couple that announces about getting ready for adoption.